Retire With Intention

A full transition to retirement can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. But preparing for that transition should start long before you get there.

Retiring with intention means tackling the 3 D’s: Design, Decide and Deliver.

This three-step process simplifies retirement income planning by reducing the number of unknowns and empowering you to take control of your financial future.


One of the most common retirement questions we hear is, “How much can I spend in retirement?” The better question would be, “Can I generate the income I need to live the way I want in retirement?” It’s a simple matter of design vs. default.

Have you worked, saved and made sacrifices for 30 years only to be rewarded with a retirement by default where a math formula dictates what you can and can’t do? My guess is a resounding “No!” I’m sure you would much rather be in control of the who, what, when and where.

Designing your retirement is necessary if you want to retire with intention. We often equate retirement income planning to a GPS. Without a destination, it’s all guesswork, and who knows where you will end up?



Once you have designed the who, what, when and where of retirement, it’s time to decide the how. Our “Retirement 24” comprises more than two dozen essential retirement questions we all must answer but too often ignore until the last minute. However, these questions play a huge role in what actions we should take today and can have an immense financial impact on your bottom line.

The key to making the right decisions is coordinating them so they don’t work against each other or end up hurting you financially years down the road.


Now that you have designed the retirement you want and tackled the dozens of questions facing you, it’s time to take action and deliver.

The good news is that by going through the first two steps, designing your retirement and tackling the Retirement 24, your actions won’t be a guessing game. In fact, your actions will be more aligned with your desired retirement outcomes than ever before. Now you not only know what specific actions to take, but the why as well. In other words, you are acting with intention instead of guessing.


How We Work

Our firm specializes in helping individuals develop sound retirement strategies. If you are retired — or approaching retirement — please take the time to explore our website and the wealth of information we offer. We provide personalized, hands-on service. We educate our clients about financial concepts and products, and we take the mystery out of investing, insurance, estate conservation and preserving wealth.

We understand the many challenges of retirement today and know the biggest concern for many is outliving their money. We focus on money management, as well as other issues that are critical to your financial well being.


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