Independence Starts with Education

The financial services industry spends $54 per citizen to market financial products but only $2 per citizen on financial education.
– Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Financial literacy, not sales tactics

Brannon hosted his first workshop in 2015 and discovered a passion for both financial literacy and public speaking. He discovered something else that evening as well. People were hungry for the education but jaded from previous workshop experiences. Why? Too often, they were lured to the event under the guise of education only to be treated to a sales presentation instead.

Understanding their frustration, Brannon spent the next few years acquiring and evaluating educational material from various sources, only to be disappointed. One provider was even a nonprofit dedicated to financial literacy. But in the end, they were all the same — light on content, heavy on sales.

So, in January of 2022, Brannon launched a new project called Financial Literacy Initiative (F.L.I.). Our mission is simple. Provide educational workshops, free of sales pitches and jargon, that empower others to make better financial decisions leading to better financial outcomes. After all, independence starts with education.

Who F.L.I. Serves

Individuals & Families

Are you preparing for your transition to retirement? Maybe you just want to better understand Social Security or Medicare. Maybe you want to learn how to get out of debt and manage your cash flow. No matter what financial questions you have, better outcomes start with better decisions, which start with better information.

We have 18 stand-alone workshops covering a variety of popular topics and three “workshop experiences.” Check out our schedule of upcoming workshops and take that next step toward independence. You can register by clicking on the event.

HR Professionals

As a human resource professional, you touch every part of your organization. You juggle the demands of the leadership with the needs of your employees. Often, you are the go-to person for any and all questions. Yesterday, you helped a team member in personal crisis. Today, you are trying to explain how an HSA works. Tomorrow, you will be tasked with improving employee retention and elevating the company culture. In other words, you don’t wear many hats, you wear them all!

Learn how implementing a financial literacy program in your organization can:

  • Improve company culture and retention
  • Increase benefit usage by your employees
  • Improve productivity
  • Maintain compliance with ERISA 404c requirements

Business Owners

It gets more challenging every year to attract and retain talent within your organization. You spend money to make benefits available that seldom get used. Key employees leave for slightly higher pay elsewhere, making it seem like there is a revolving door of new employees.

Whether you have a team of 10 people or an organization of 500, as a small business you have unique challenges. In addition to making sure the doors stay open and payroll is met, you are tasked with the well-being of your most important resource — your employees.

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