Blue-Collar Wealth

“We may work in a white-collar industry, but we’re blue-collar at heart.”
– Brannon T. Lambert, CFP®, CEP®, CPFA®


Building a solid foundation

Our Blue-Collar Wealth option is for those ready to do the work necessary and take the next step financially. To us, account balances are the least important aspect of your story. What we do value is your focus, discipline, intentions and actions.

Most advisors and firms impose asset minimums to be a client. Whether you’re just getting started building your wealth or you have a million dollars in your current 401(k), if they can’t get their hands on it, they want nothing to do with you. I get it. It’s a business decision. However, we wholeheartedly disagree.

If you’re just getting started, you could benefit as much as anybody from our coaching, education and planning. If you’ve been disciplined and intentional with your money to build a solid foundation, we think you deserve to have a professional in your corner helping you take that next step up financially.

A disciplined and
intentional partner

Maybe you started decades ago building wealth. You have been disciplined. You have saved. You have been intentional with your money. You sacrificed your wants in favor of a better financial future, but all of your savings happen to be held in your current 401(k) or 403(B). Guess what? If those firms can’t get their hands on it, they want nothing to do with you. Again, we strongly disagree.

We think you deserve a partner who will educate, guide and coach you as you prepare for one of the biggest life changes we all face … the transition to retirement. There are too many vital decisions and too much preparation that needs to be done well ahead of time to wait. You need a partner now.

For the individuals and families we invite into our Blue-Collar Wealth program, our fee is $250 per quarter. In our experience, those who benefit the most from our Blue-Collar Wealth program meet the following criteria.


Blue-Collar Client Profile

Debt free (excluding mortgage)
Healthy free cash flow
Established emergency fund
Already saving for retirement
Wants to be intentional with their money
Sound personal financial habits

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